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We help to increase your profit by 20% +

Solution Based Design

The solution that we provide is 100% based on the issue that you are facing daily or the bottom neck of your business growth

Toward Future

We help your factory to transform from Manual to Semi-Auto. Semi-auto to Automation. Automation to factory execution

Full Controllability

All information could be channelled directly to person in charge without third party. Multiple access right to limit user access from globe


Area that we are actively involved

About our Work

Our Working Experince since 2009

  • 2010/12


    We use Zigbee CC2530 as our core design chipset. We design Interactive Wireless Teaching Aids, Smart Fan Control System for Tunnel Air Ventilation monitoring and Interactive Wireless Voting System

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  • 2012

    Into Machine

    We design White LED Dimmable Panel and Red LED Ring type Display to Bucher Emhart Glass for Backlight display panel in Bottle defective Measurement

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    • 2013


      We design prototype for Indoor Location Wafer Tracking System and SmartRack Tracking for Semicon Factory.

      Demo Clip

    • 2014


      We design and commision SmartCount and BarReader to a bird slaugther Factory.

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      • Q1 2015


        We create a platform that support Multi-Site manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight, process design, monitor and control resource’s business intelligent. It also deploys on Dengue Sensor and Dengue Hotspot monitoring.

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      • Q3 2015


        We work with a proffessor to develop dengue sensor. Also we deploy our communication platform so that it could monitor the hotspot of Dengue in real-time

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        • Q4 2015

          Design Challenge

          We participated in design challenge from IDA. The design basically is a communication terminal that allows different vendors to add in their own sensor module

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        • Q2 2016


          We apply for funding with our design ideas. They are KindieBot, KindieBotV2, Cude and BouySaver.

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        • Q3 2016

          Nature Disaster

          We participate in one of the International School Open Day Exhibition for designing and implementing demo illustrator of tsunami and tornado.

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        • Q4 2016

          Our Own Design

          We did our house design and sourcing for material to match our industry appearance. They are KindieBotV2, CUBE, Glolly, MagBridge




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